Sunday, November 11, 2012

Classroom Management

If you have never heard of Class Dojo, you should check it out! I recently began using it.  I set all the kids up in the system, giving them each their own unique monster.  I projected Class Dojo on the board throughout the day.  It is similar to a clothespin system where you move pins up or down, but instead they get reds (negatives) or greens (positives).  There are some great features to Class Dojo.  For one, it keeps a daily, weekly, or all time total.  So I cleared it daily so they all had a fresh start.  However I could switch it to "all time" to see each of their running totals, for every 20 greens (positives) they get a prize.  One hundred points is an Icecream party.  The second thing I like is that you can specify the positive or negative behavior and it clocks the time.  These two pieces of information are valuable for parent conferences. You can create the positives or negatives that pertain to your class and write comments if you want to add more detail.  The third thing I like is that you can print reports for parents.  They do need to make them more customizable but it is still a great feature.  Another great feature is their is an iPad app so you can mark behavior on the go.  The best feature is that it is FREE!  I take the computer mouse to my reading table and if I need to give out greens or reds I just click on the student(s) and the behavior.  I don't need to say a word because when they see the monsters come up on the front board, they check their own behavior or noise levels.  Often times if the whole class has phenomenal behavior I do two random picks and let the computer pick who gets the greens. That's another awesome feature.  I use this with a second grade class. I would be curious to hear from others who have used it in other grades.

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